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Bring Safety into Focus

Parents Are The Key provides everyone involved the resources and tools needed to improve driving education and attain positive, measurable results. We do this by providing education technology tools to help educators: - Elevate Training - Equip Parents - Empower Students

What We Do

Authoring Tools

Our content authoring system allows educators to create or supplement existing curriculum. This enhances the ability of educators to restructure content, reinforce key concepts, and create a customized educational experience for their students. With options to embed graphics and video media, quizzes and exams, and practice drives the possibilities are endless.

Reference Libraries

Ensuring parents and student have the necessary resources they need to meet deadlines and obtain their students learner's permit is vital. At Parents Are The Key we want to ensure educators can easily and quickly provide these resources to parents and students. No more lost forms or parents calling to find out where to locate a state resource. Educators are given the ability to organize resources in one place that can be accessed by parents or students 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.

Practice Tools

We have made it easy for educators to provide practice guides for both parents and students. This allows parents to keep in sync with classroom instruction so all parties are on the same page with their students education and progress. Parents Are The Key provides practice tools such as drive timers and built in tracking tools to ensure students are developing driving experience both with their instructor and with their parents at home.


It has often been said that communication is the key to success both in marriage and in business. We believe this is also the case in education, and have created a two way communication platform to allow constant communication between students, parents and educators. Send notifications to the whole class or to the parents of an individual student. No more dialing or mailers. Just simple and easy communication.

How We Do It

Why We Do It

Here at Parents Are The Key, we go beyond simply advocating safe driving, we are activists for change. We work diligently with teachers across the nation to help enhance and ensure success for teachers, parents, and students in the education of new drivers.

  • WE BELIEVE that parents are the key to help students move beyond conceptual learning in the classroom while creating an environment of responsibility to promote safe driving.
  • WE BELIEVE in a teachers commitment to their students, and provide tools and resources to help them keep that commitment. 
  • WE BELIEVE that when given the opportunity and guidance they need students will become encouraged to take ownership of their driving education.
Why We Do It


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